Purchase vs Leasing

Discover the benefits of owning your system.

Maximize the Benefits

Most systems pay for themselves in five to seven years. Once the solar is paid off, you continue to benefit from reduced energy costs for the entire lifespan of the system.

Utilize Tax Incentives

People who lease their solar systems save far less than those who buy them because they miss out on federal tax benefits and local incentives.

Lock in Energy Rate

Many leases contain an escalator clause that states if the cost of energy raises your payment increases. However, when you purchase a system you have a set price for solar.

Less Hassle When Moving

Solar increases the value of your home. However, some buyers might be reluctant to take over your solar lease so you could end up having to buy out the lease. This could cost you more than if you purchased the system at installation.

$0 Money Down is Still an Option

Leasing companies promote the $0 down benefit of leasing the system, however we have financing programs that offer this same benefit. Contact us to learn more about the financing options we offer.

Your System is Just as Reliable

Leasing may seem desirable because the leasing company is responsible for maintenance. However, our solar equipment is durable and carries warrantees, so you won’t have much maintenance to worry about. We also give you an opportunity to monitor your own system to make sure it is working efficiently. Since we are locally owned and operated, we will be close by if you should need any repair services.

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