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ITC has been extended!

26% federal tax credit when you install solar on your home.

About Us

Our team has a background in electrical work with experience dating back to 2012. Not only do we have an extensive background in Solar PV, but we have the knowledge and tools to get the job done right.

What We Do

We pride ourselves on being a premier solar energy company. We also provide comprehensive residential electrical services to make sure your home is taken care of. Our certified electricians can help you with any of your home’s electrical needs.

Why Go Solar?

As utility companies continue to raise rates, it becomes more expensive to power your home. However, when you opt to install a solar electric system for your home, you can reduce your monthly power bills substantially. Solar energy systems are becoming more popular and affordable. Join the thousands of homeowners in the Tucson area who are investing in solar.

Our Mission

We recognized the growing need for clean, renewable energy in our community and we wanted to make a difference. We have a strong commitment to quality and customer service.


“Jason and his crew were exceptional! I was kept up to date during every step in the process, I was educated on how the system works, and they helped find financing too! I also have a piece of mind because there is a warranty on the system. I did not have to worry about anything! Thanks Arizona Southwest Solar!”

Sean H.

“Very pleased with their system and install. It’s clean and professional and even on a cloudy day I’m still running totally on solar and have been able to push excess power back into the power grid of my electric company. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to switch over to solar.”


“Jason and his team were excellent. They kept me informed throughout the process and were always available to answer any questions I had. They spent the extra time to listen to what I needed and work with me to accomplish my goals. I did my research before deciding to go with Jason and team. If you’re looking to add solar – I recommend talking with Jason and his team before you commit.”

Joe B.


“We thought about solar for years but until Jason explained how it could benefit us specifically, we weren’t convinced. Now we wish we had gone with him earlier. His team was prompt, professional and quickly turned out a very nice rooftop array at an affordable price. I highly recommend Jason for solar and electrical.”


“Needed electrician quickly for renovation project. This company worked with me to accommodate on site workers. Returned to complete work couple days later and were always on time. They moved outlets, A/V wiring – installed in new location. Will definitely use again for my go to electrical work. Fair price, nice guys.”

Keeley H.

“AZ SW Solar & Electric did a fantastic job. Very reasonable pricing. The job was done right and exceeded our expectations. Do not hesitate to use this company for your electrical needs.”

Nancy S.


Electrical Services

We pride ourselves on being a premier solar energy company. We also provide comprehensive residential and commercial electrical services to make sure your home is taken care of.

When you are remodeling or making changes to your home, it’s important to consider your electrical system. Our certified electricians can help with any of your home’s electrical needs. Choose us to handle electrical:

– Inspections

– Repairs

– Upgrades

– Remodeling

– Rewiring work

-EV charger install

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