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Depend on a professional for your electrical services in Tucson, AZ

Electrical work can be an intimidating task. If you're not a trained and certified electrician, it can also be very dangerous. Don't risk messing up your home's electrical system, hire an experienced professional that can provide electrical services in Tucson, AZ safely .

The team at Arizona Southwest Solar and Electric, LLC has over 20 years of experience providing residential electrical services. Lead electrician Jason Watson is a Tucson, AZ local, and he's passionate about helping homeowners with their solar energy and electrical needs.

Don't risk an electrical accident at your home. Contact us today to schedule electrical services in Tucson, AZ.

Is your home's wiring up to code?

If you're not sure how safe and functional your home's electrical system is, it's best to call a certified electrician in Tucson, AZ to perform an inspection. We are trained to handle all your home's electrical needs, including:

  • Electrical rewiring
  • Service panel upgrades
  • Electrical remodels
  • New home wiring installation
  • Security camera installs

If you notice your fuse is blown or your breaker tripping frequently, it may be time to schedule electrical rewiring service. Your wiring will meet city and state codes once we've finished our work. Hire an experienced electrician to inspect your home's electrical system today.